Ben Brown - November Grind

10:37 PM

My first few weeks back into training has been a real treat, after a year of little to no training it was a pleasant surprise to feel like I’m paddling better than ever (technique, not fitness) and training doesn’t seem like a chore at all. I’ve also been super busy building this website, filling it with content, creating my web shop and printing my ‘I LIKE SPORTS’ t-shirts which feature in the video, buy them here My video blog will be out monthly, I’ll try to make them as exciting as possible! Obviously training in November in the rain isn’t pant wetting stuff but I’m off to South Africa soon so that should spice things up! Thanks to Roger Burlinson for the fantastic tracking footage of me paddling check out his other videos - Also thanks to Jon Boyton, Jonny Tye, Matt Bowley, Ian Wynne and everyone I’ve been training with. Stay tuned for more videos! - Ben Brown

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