Vision Gold – Canoe Sprint Team Germany (London 2012)

12:05 PM

Nicole Reinhardt and Max Hoff stands before the 2012 Olympics Games in London, it is an absolute career highlight for them. Already in Beijing they took part in the Olympic competitions. Reinhardt won in the K4 (500m), the gold medal,  Max Hoff was in K1 (1000m) fifth. Also the Youngstar Tom Liebscher is looking forward to the Olympic Games.

0:00 - 6.03 - Max Hoff
6.03 - 10:11 - Nicole Reinhardt
10:11 - 10:56 - Tom Liebscher

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  1. i love germany olypics

  2. my favourite canoeist is max hoff

  3. i've learnt german in school and we are doing the german olympics