Epic Canoe Video 2 - Bullet HD

1:57 PM

We pick the cam on different places on the boat and looked at the result. I used a small Actioncam, called Bullet HD. I purchased this cam one year ago. It is a relativ new Actioncam, I discoverd it while I was browing through the internet. I send a mail to the company and asked if it is possible to get a Cam for free, in exchange I make videos for them. The video duration is 5 minutes, but I have about 6 hours raw material. The camera records in the video format - avi with 30 frames per second - HD ready 1280x 720 - 720p. I think quality is very good, for such a small cam, it's easy to place the cam everywhere you want. It's smaller then the GoPro cam and the Bullet HD is easier.

Here are some photos with my the framework at my boat.

Me with the "Bulled-HD-framework" on my boat
Bullet HD with framework!

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